Mooer Audio Company is a rather ambitious instrument-manufacturing entity. The China-based outfit builds everything from electric drum pads to pedalboard cases, vocal processors, and compact, AC30- and Bassman-style heads. But the company’s largest, and perhaps most successful, line of products is the Micro Series, a line of nearly 40 stompboxes that covers the entire spectrum of guitar effects—EQs, echoes, fuzz units, and many shades of modulation. The company recently garnered praise from Velvet Underground sonic revolutionary and audio alchemist John Cale, and for good-reason—they deliver gigantic tones in very, very small packages.

Sonic Legos Made of Steel
Measuring in at roughly 1″ x 2″ (we told you they were small!), Micro Series pedals are perfect for cluttered pedalboards and stage minimalists. Each uses true-bypass switching and operates only on a 9V adapter, for there’s not a hint of room available for batteries, and the 1/4″ jacks are staggered to save space on width. Each effect Micro Series effect comes in an all-metal enclosure that’s rugged and thick enough to resist denting.

In general, micro-sized effects take some getting used to when incorporating into your effects chain. Whether it’s a Mooer, one of Red Witch’s Seven Sisters, or a Malekko Omicron series pedal, the small footprint and lack of mass make it easy to unwittingly kick one of these tiny tots out of place, so I strongly suggest Velcro-ing or zip-tying these little dudes down.

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