Flight Travel Ukulele

Plastic Fantastic! Conventional wisdom will say that plastic ukuleles are cheap, low-quality substitutes for “the real thing”. Well, it’s time to kick conventional wisdom out the door! Built unapologetically from plastic, the sound quality of these ukuleles will blow you away, and their durability will make them Keith Richards’ instrument of choice after Armageddon hits. These ukes are perfect for rainy festivals, cramped overhead lockers, moody teenagers, and ukulele teachers working with young children.

Key points:

Very unique and innovative product

Bright & Funky

Extremely resonant

Wiped color satin finish

Zero fret

No sharp frets

No neck bending

Durable, travel friendly

Perfect for children and first-time learners



Back & Side: ABS
Bridge: ABS


Neck: ABS
Fretboard: ABS
Nut & Saddle: ABS


Position Markers: 5th, 7th, 10th, and 12th frets.
Premium Features: Zero Fret, Wooden Top, Arched back, Open Geared Tuners, ABS Fretboard.
This instrument is also available in various colors.

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