Yamaha SG1820A Electric Guitar

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With a perfect balance between tradition and innovation, our SG Series luthiers have created an exceptional instrument with the SG1820A…

Body Shape & Material

Preserving the basic structure of a maple top with a mahogany back shaped with the iconic Yamaha SG double cutaway design, the SG1820A’s body has been redesigned to improve its tone and streamline its looks. The contoured top curves more deeply than on previous models allowing further optimisation of the wood:mass ratio of the the top arc of the curve and the centre area of the body. This maximises the string/body resonance from the bridge and tailpiece. The deep curve also maintains the guitar’s optimum weight balance and enhances its stunning shape.

The back contour, originally featured on the classic SG1, SG2 and SG300, was designed to be comfortable when the guitar was played high on the strap. We’ve modified this to form a flat back on the new SG1820A – the new flat back design increases the volume of mahogany, significantly enhancing the low-mid response and presence whilst being more comfortable when playing with a modern, lower stance.


With so many artists asking for our custom-shop to fit rosewood fingerboards to their SGs, we elected to replace the original ebony fingerboards with hand-selected premium rosewood versions on the SG1820A. A warm, well-balanced tone and great feel work perfectly with modern playing styles and tones.


We’ve reshaped the SG1820A’s headstock to make it more compact, improving balance. Of course, the SG1820A still shows the classic ‘flower’ hallmark.

Initial Response Acceleration

If you’ve ever played another guitarist’s guitar and found you’ve not been able to get quite the same incredible tone as its owner can, it’s probably because the guitar isn’t used to your style of playing. When a guitarist plays the same guitar for years, that guitar subtly adapts to the guitarist’s playing style – and it takes time for this to happen. Natural stresses found between parts such as the finish, woods, body, neck, fingerboard, nut, bridge, et al needs to be released before all of the parts can properly resonate together as one instrument. It takes a lot of time and a lot of playing for this to process to complete.

Using our Initial Response Acceleration technology, stresses such as those between the finish and wood are carefully released by applying specific vibrations to the completed guitar. Once this treatment is done, the guitar responds far more accurately to the guitarist’s performance and produces the perfect tone more easily. It also greatly shortens the time needed for the guitar to fully adapt to your playing style, and it delivers excellent sustain.


The EMG81 and EMG85: the pickups of choice for modern, high-gain players. Close-aperture coils and balanced magnets (ceramic in the 81, alnico in the 85) give a rich, varied tonal palette with immense detail, clarity and ability to cut through the mix.

Grover Locking Tuner

The SG’s strings are locked in place at the post to ensure zero slippage and complete tuning stability along with quick, efficient string changes.

Tonepros Bridge / Tailpiece

Tonepros’ lighter bridge and tailpiece design enhances the vibration of the guitar’s body by reducing the mass of the metal components. The locking design ensures the bridge and tailpiece are tightly anchored on their mounting studs for ultra-efficient vibration transfer, maximizing sustain and improving clarity.

Graph Tech Nut

Graph Tech captures the best properties of bone nuts – exceptional resonance, amazing clarity and smooth sustain – while improving on them with permanent lubrication, better longevity and easier cutting.


We selected super-premium electronic parts for the new SG1820A, using our exhaustive testing criteria. Our choice of the finest switches and pots, the same as those chosen by pro guitar techs on stages all over the world, means that you can step on stage night after night confident that all of the little details are taken care of.

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