Yamaha Revstar RS820CR Electric Guitar

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Inspiring, Powerful, Unique.

There are some things you can’t quantify.  Its the difference between admiring a guitar, or picking one up and writing something new without even trying.

When you take a small team of passionate, dedicated guitar developers, and give them access to all the technology, knowledge, and audio expertise of a multi national music company, things get interesting pretty quickly.

The new Yamaha RevStar 820 electric guitars features Toneprosa AVT-II bridge, Alnico humbucker pickup and an Anodized Aluminium pickguard, along with a gigbag to keep your guitar protected. 

Designed to race from coffee shop to coffee shop on the streets of London in the 1960s, Café Racer bikes were high-performance racers stripped down to their bare essentials, but still showcasing the style of their owner. 
The RS820 captures that spirit of total focus on performance, maintaining Yamaha’s unmistakable attention to detail, for a guitar that can’t be fully appreciated until it’s taken out for a test ride.

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