Yamaha Revstar RS702B Electric Guitar

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Inspiring, Powerful, Unique.

There are some things you can’t quantify.  Its the difference between admiring a guitar, or picking one up and writing something new without even trying.

When you take a small team of passionate, dedicated guitar developers, and give them access to all the technology, knowledge, and audio expertise of a multi national music company, things get interesting pretty quickly.

The new Yamaha RevStar 720 electric guitars features Tune-O-Maticbridge with a Bigsby B-50 tailpiece, and Filtertron style Humbucker – along with a gigbag to keep your new guitar protected.

The style, feel, and sound of the RS720B is unmistakably classic, however, no detail has been left to blind tradition. From totally unique pickups voiced to match the Bigsby vibrato, to re-imagined inlays from a vintage Yamaha guitar and the beautiful hand-cut finish, it’s destined to become an instant classic.

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